Crawford iQ

Crawford iQ– It’s more than just Information Technology, it’s Intelligent Technology.

Crawford & Company® provides its employees and clients with the most advanced set of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools in the industry. They are integrated, flexible and user-friendly. By design, they foster a faster and simpler workflow environment and deliver forward-thinking, cutting edge solutions that clients value. As a way to categorize and describe this innovative suite of ICT products and services, we now refer to our systems collectively as Crawford iQ.™ Delivered in four easy offerings, Crawford iQ provides the intelligence that powers The Crawford Solution,™ the most comprehensive global, integrated solution for all corporate, insurer and re-insurer claims administration.

Crawford iQ simplifies our extensive offering of technological services and processes in a way that is easy to understand. This is accomplished by consolidating our ICT products and services in a meaningful and logical manner according to their specific function. The goal is to make Crawford’s state-of-the-art technology approachable, accessible, and uncomplicated.

Elements of Crawford iQ

Crawford iQ consists of high-quality technology, data and processes categorized in four easy offerings.
These include:

  • Crawford iQ Portal™ – Offers clients a gateway to access the work we do for them
  • Crawford iQ Claims Manager™ – Delivers a vast array of claims management solutions
  • Crawford iQ Analytics™ – Provides clients with claims analytics, dashboards and reports
  • Crawford iQ Mobile™ – Allows claims to be managed anytime, anywhere on PC’s and mobile devices

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