A collection of videos about Crawford and issues that concern the insurance and claims management industry.

About Crawford

Crawford Drone at NIBA 2016 (1:18)
Crawford demonstrated the benefits of its new national insurance drone service at NIBA 2016 - National Insurance Brokers Association Convention in September 2016. Our drone technology will modernise and streamline claims handling in Australia.

About Our Services

Crawford & Company: Drone  (3:07)
Crawford & Company first in response
A Customer's Story  (4:06)
Crawford’s strength in numbers gives us the ability to handle claims of any size across the U.K. and while this has been put to the test after yet another winter of extremes, the feedback we receive from policyholders and insurers is fabulous. We recently completed a short film alongside Aviva and Merrick Hill Insurance Brokers, telling the real-life story of their customer, a motorcycle dealership called PFK Ling, who suffered a flood claim and lived to tell the tale.
Introducing Crawford CMS Property ADVANTAGE (4:10)
Using tablet and wireless technology, Crawford CMS Property ADVANTAGE allows adjusters to complete their first site visit and subsequent reports right at the claim scene. This helps to reduce cycle times, manage indemnity and leakage, and reduce claims handling costs.