Contractor Connection®

Contractor Connection®

Contractor Connection® is a leader in managed repair services with the expertise you need for high-frequency, low-capacity residential and commercial claims of any size. More than 5,000 specially vetted contractors provide general, emergency and catastrophe services with proven customer satisfaction and a program that ensures accurate, fair, and reasonable estimates.

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Services Include

Our credentialed network of more than 4,800  contractors specialize in emergency response, general repairs, disaster restoration, and all manner of general residential and commercial restoration work, backed by a three-year contractor workmanship warranty. Our services include:

  • General Contractor which provides multiple trade services through general contractors for residential and commercial repairs. 
  • Water Mitigation which provides immediate emergency water extraction to prevent further damage and possible mold. Highly qualified service providers provide rapid response 24-hours a day to homeowners in need
  • Emergency Fire and Smoke Response which provides emergency board up and/or pack out after a fire or major water loss to prevent further damage to property and provide content security
  • Textile Restoration which provides expert cleaning of fire and water damaged textiles/clothing. Satisfaction is fully guaranteed with full refund if the items are not restored to industry standard
  • Roofing which provides a network of contractors who will perform roof repairs and replacement with no overhead and profit when reported as a single-trade claim
  • Art Restoration which provides access to specialist in art restoration who can restore high value items or those that have high sentimental value with policyholders
  • Temporary Housing which offers consistent level of service and pricing when a temporary home is needed due to policyholder displacement
  • Plumbing Network which provides plumbing repair and leak detection services
  • Tree Removal which provides emergency tree removal service from home and/or property
  • Catastrophe Response which provides residential and commercial contractor response for emergency or general repairs
  • Consumer Services which provides contractor services direct to consumer for home repair and remodeling needs with services ranging from remodeling, roofing, flooring, and special needs modification


Insurance Services  provides an alternative for high frequency claims that do not require the expertise of a field adjuster. Our vetted contractors specialize in emergency response, general repairs, disaster restoration, and all manner of residential and commercial restoration work.

Contractor Services provides job opportunities and qualified leads to a vetted network of over 3,500 general contractors and specialty/single trade contractors in the U.S. and Canada. Members of Contractor Connection's Managed Repair Network build business and enhance their reputation.

Consumer Services  provides  remodeling and restoration services direct to property owner for any home renovation or restoration project.

Contractor Connection® also provides the following benefits:

  • Reduction of fixed costs and increases in brand differentiation, customer satisfaction and policyholder retention
  • Contractor credentialing to ensure financial stability, license validation, and proper insurance
  • Contractor performance management to reduce internal administrative cost  
  • Three-year contractor workmanship warranty provides security
  • Estimate review process drives fair and reasonable estimates
  • Reinspection program ensures estimating integrity
  • Problem resolution assistance increases efficiency
  • Proven expense and indemnity accuracy savings
  • Customer survey program measures policyholder satisfaction
  • Electronic work product utilizing Xactware® technology 
  • Customized programs that specifically meet your unique needs


Serving our customers is our top priority. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. We will be happy to assist you.
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To have a group like Contractor Connection that is credentialing and making sure contractors have the right insurance, the proper protection in place, and that they can do the work, is a real win for our customers.

Tim Bowen, Director  
Metlife Auto and Home

I appreciate what Contractor Connection has done for Economical. You have helped us set a new course, industry leading no less, regarding the quantification of structural losses and the associated measurement of vendors performance.

Rocc Neglia
Vice President - Claims
The Economical Insurance Group