Advanced Loss of Profits

Advanced Loss of Profits

Crawford's dedicated team of Financial and Forensic accountants has considerable experience in measuring advanced loss of profit claims. Any delay in start up of a business has consequences that need urgent attention.  Our team specialise in handling quantification and investigation and will deliver a wide range of services to manage the claim efficiently and effectively.

Services Include

  • Considering loss mitigation strategies
  • Gathering information and financial records
  • Analysing historical trend data
  • Researching benchmark data
  • Reviewing budgets and forecasts
  • Applying modelling techniques to predict outcomes
  • Evaluating anticipated revenue
  • Calculating rates of gross profit and rates of payroll


  • Ability to work seamlessly with our team of property adjusters to provide immediate assistance in developing claims mitigation and settlement strategies
  • Proactive fraud awareness and detection
  • Substantial indemnity savings created by avoiding the use of external consultants
  • Correcting over estimates of projected business performance
  • Identification of costs that are not incremental in nature
  • Payments under material damage policies that should be deducted from advanced loss of profit settlements
  • Experience that spans the entire spectrum of industries from manufacturing to hospitality, mining to finance and from engineering to retail. The complex nature of these claims demands a range of skills used to your best advantage.


Crawford is totally committed to delivering excellent customer service and client satisfaction. The complex nature of financial risk claims demands a specialist team and this is why we have developed our Financial & Forensic Accounting Services division.

For more information, please contact:

Martin Miller
National Financial Risks Manager
T: +61 (0) 402 021 468