Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity Guarantee

Our team has the ability to undertake a full investigation into policy or legal liability and quantum by offering a tailored solution to identify the extent of employee fraud or dishonesty. With a comprehensive array of investigation techniques covering intelligence gathering to analysis, we are able to deliver an effective investigation and early settlement, where appropriate.

Services Include

  • Identifying the full extent of any defalcation
  • Analysing internal controls and any failures thereof
  • Assessing weaknesses in segregation of duties
  • Offering advice on improvements to the internal control environment
  • Reviewing facts and circumstances of a loss and providing advice on policy indemnity
  • Measuring quantum and confirming the timing of loss
  • Interviewing witnesses and suspects including preparing necessary statements
  • Retrieving and examining electronic hard copy evidence
  • Managing and controlling evidence and documentation
  • Liaising with the police
  • Delivering testimony where required
  • Preparation of evidence briefs
  • Reviewing the potential for recovery including asset tracing


  • In-house fidelity guarantee expertise - more than 18 forensic accountants and 26 dedicated liability specialists
  • Providing a speedy response to all issues
  • Maintaining sensitivity to internal employee issues
  • An outcome driven focus on fast and effective resolution reducing claims management and legal costs


For information, please contact:

Martin Miller
National Financial Risks Manager
T: +61 (0) 402 021 468