Contractor Connection

Contractor Connection

Crawford Contractor ConnectionSM, an industry leader in contractor managed repair services, provides Crawford clients with a fully managed building repair service designed to control the scope and cost of reinstatement.

From notification to fulfilment of claims, Contractor Connection provides access to accredited contractors throughout Australia.

Services Include

  • A fully independent and objective professional validation service designed to manage building only claims.
  • Staffed by building professionals who ensure the effective control of the scope of works.
  • All aspects of the repair scope and cost are monitored by our National Licensed Building Validation Team. No work is undertaken until the cost estimate has been independently validated and approved - ensuring no hidden cost or unauthorised variations.
  • All claims are tracked via the Contractor Connection system which monitors the progress of repairs and allows Insurers access to online up to date information.


  • Enhanced customer experience: Building claims actively managed from start to finish, making the experience hassle-free for policyholders. We find the right contractor for the work, and our ongoing audits check workflow, quality and communication.
  • Accreditation: All contractors are signed up to comprehensive Service Level Agreements, tailored to your requirements, so the building repair is completed on time and within budget.
  • Reduced claims expenditure: Managing the repair process through Contractor Connection ensures claims are settled cost-effectively. Qualified building professionals review all builder produced quotations. All variation requests are managed by these experts and no variation is accepted unless properly validated.
  • Reduced building repair time: Rigorous management of key performance indicators and a star rating system allows more work to flow to better performing builders. Contractor Connection guarantees a significant reduction in average repair times.
  • Rigorous Performance Management: All contractors are vetted and performance managed, measuring quality, time in process and customer satisfaction.


For information on Contractor Connection, please contact:

Stuart Elliott
Contractor Connection Manager
T: +61 1300 729 239
M: +61 (0)2 4224 2858